HoriZone Roundtable 35 | The Conference Schedule Is Out. But…

Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) talk about the recently-released Horizon League basketball schedule, and, of course, they long for the days when the opening games of the conference slate started at the beginning of December. They also discuss the potential benefits of the Horizon League partnering with other mid-major conferences to fill their schedules. Plus, Jimmy wants to bring the alumni of all conference schools together.

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The LaVar Ball Problem

LaVar Ball is known to say and do outlandish things.

I don’t need to list them because his media presence is pervasive to the point overkill, but I will for the sake of highlighting it all in one spot:

  1. He’s called out Kyrie Irving for not having a mother (she died when he was 4).
  2. He’s maligned and threatened a female reporter (on national TV).
  3. He’s maligned a sports journalist for his weight (on national TV).
  4. He’s begun the marketing campaign for a $500 shoe for an unproven rookie while simultaneously insulting 95% of the market by saying “If you can’t afford it, we don’t want you; you’re obviously not a big baller” (paraphrased).

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