Four Questions: Josh Talks Tiger, the Browns, the Cavs and MLB Playoffs

Josh (@JoshFlagner) talks about the return to victory for Tiger Woods and the Cleveland Browns, sets his expectations for the Cleveland Cavaliers and a quick preview of MLB’s playoffs.

  • Tiger Woods has been playing professionally since 1996, and just won his first tournament in five years after injury and domestic issues. Why is he still must-see TV and why do mainstream golf fans resent us casual watchers?
  • Last week the Browns won their first game in 635 days mostly because of the play of rookie Baker Mayfield. What’s his ceiling this year and have you adjusted your expectations for the Browns this season?
  • The Cavs are about to begin a season with Kevin Love and without LeBron James after four consecutive NBA Finals appearances. What are the new look Cavs capable of doing this season?
  • MLB playoffs begin this week. Which is a sleeper team from each League and which two teams do you expect to be in the World Series?

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