The SEC: Yesterday and Today 5 | Evie Van Pelt, The Rebel Walk

Evie Van Pelt (@OleMissEvie) joins Bird (@Autull) on this week’s podcast. The two begin the show with the obligatory exchange of pleasantries and then get into a conversation on various topics pertaining to their respective schools and Evie’s journey from being a graduate of Texas A&M to her becoming the Managing Editor and Publisher of The Rebel Walk.

Evie then gives us an interesting and educated look into the NCAA violations surrounding Ole Miss and what she surmises the potential outcome of all this to be.

There are exchanges on Auburn and Ole Miss games past that include Tommy Tuberville and his first two games against Ole Miss after leaving that school and being named the head coach at Auburn.

They conclude the conversation with predictions, as always, of every game in the SEC scheduled for October 7.

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