The SEC: Yesterday and Today 11 | Stephen Smith, Touchdown Alabama Magazine

Episode 11 of The SEC: Yesterday and Today is the first in a special two-part podcast on the greatest rivalry in college football, the Iron Bowl. Bird (Autull) begins with the vital statistics on the history of this epic series which stands at 45-35-1 in favor of Alabama.

Stephen Smith (Smsmith_TDALMag) then comes on on board and the two touch on the game for a moment before Stephen summarizes the past Saturday’s game between Alabama and Mississippi State. Stephen then steps back to take a longer look into the upcoming Iron Bowl and what it will take for the Crimson Tide to slow down the momentum of the fast charging Gus Bus, which is now hitting on all eight cylinders.

Prediction time closes the podcast, as is typical, and Bird and Stephen give their picks on who will win Saturday’s upcoming games. At the conclusion of this segment Stephen makes his prediction on the Iron Bowl, complete with a score.

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