The SEC 411 – 83 | Two Good Fellas Take Off Their Shoes to Tackle Adidas

Seth (@SethMerenbloom) and Bird (@Autull) got the Adidas/basketball scandal dropped on them just before time to record, and they address that unholy mess in Episode 83. A couple of football stories, Butch Jones’ and Barry Odom’s locker room rants, were taken on as were this week’s predictions on all of the upcoming SEC games.

But back to the basketball bombshell. Adidas, Nike, financial advisors, money, cheating, bribing, the FBI. This is probably the tip of the iceberg.

Who will be implicated? Who will be fired? Who is involved? How widespread is all of this?

Auburn? Oklahoma State? Really?

What role does the NCAA play in this terrible tangled web that has been woven?

Stay tuned.

Yes, there are football games to be played on Saturday. Can Vanderbilt rebound, in Gainesville, after being so brutally dismantled on their home turf last weekend  at the hands of Alabama? Did someone pick Troy to beat LSU? Georgia at Tennessee. Butch’s last stand? Can State take Auburn in Auburn? And just how thoroughly will the Crimson Tide shellack Ole Miss?

Listen to the SEC 411 and, possibly, get some answers. And, certainly, more questions will be raised.

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