Ducks on the Pod 21 | Wild Card Round Preview

At long last, October has arrived and with it, postseason baseball.  First up is the Wild Card round.  The Minnesota Twins became the first team ever to go from 100 losses to a playoff appearance in just one year.  They travel to New York to face the new-look Yankees on Tuesday night.  In the National League, the West division sends its second and third place finishers to the Wild Card game to determine who’ll get another shot at the first place Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks meet for the twentieth time this season, in a battle between two more surprise playoff teams.  Host Mitch Gatzke has compiled quite the sneak peek with history lessons, marquee matchups, home run picks, and everything else you need to know for both games.  He even makes predictions so you can poke fun at him later for being wrong.  Take a listen and get ready for postseason baseball.


  • Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
  • Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks


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