Ducks on the Pod 11 | In Defense of Derek Jeter

Mitch Gatzke (@GreatGatzke) wastes no time this week. The Astros took 3 of 4 from the Yankees in New York, winning in different ways and impressing Mitch by doing so. Derek Jeter’s #2 was retired on Sunday night. Hear Mitch defend a player he feels belongs in the hall of fame. John “Boog” Schambi and Chris Singleton made the ninth inning of Sunday night’s game a lot of fun. Hear Mitch show some love to his favorite braseball broadcast team. As shown by Houston’s George Springer, leadoff hitters look much different than they did even just a couple years ago. Why is this happening? Can we expect it to continue? Mitch has the answers. Finally, there’s a lot of action out west this week. Mitch shares his notes on what looks to be a night owl’s dream.


  • Astros take 3 of 4 from New York
  • In defense of Derek Jeter
  • Schambi and Singleton
  • New brand of lead-off hitter
  • Night owl’s dream this week


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