Ducks on the Pod 26 | Opening Day 2018

It’s Opening Day and your favorite baseball podcast is back for 2018!  Host Mitch Gatzke is heading down to Comerica Park to watch his Tigers, hoping you too can make it out to the ballpark today.  Either way, we’ve got the perfect appetizer for you.  Scott Boras thinks we baseball fans are easily manipulated.  Much to his chagrin, the rebuilding process has become standard operating procedure in Major League Baseball.  We have an official fantasy league now.  Mitch provides details on that.  Everyone does power rankings.  Instead of blending in, the Ducks are going to compile monthly tiers to determine who’s what.  There are seven serious contenders in the sneak peek at April’s tiers.  Finally, we’ve got some programming notes to get you up to speed with everything we’re working on here.  Rejoice!  Baseball is back!


  • Scott Boras and the Rebuilding Phenomenon
  • Ducks on the Pod 2018 Fantasy Baseball League
  • Preview of April Tiers
  • Programming Notes


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