Ducks on the Pod 25 | National League Championship Series

It’s an NLCS rematch with the Cubs and Dodgers meeting again at this penultimate stage.  Chicago needed everything it had to get past the Washington Nationals.  L.A., on the other hand, didn’t struggle at all in brushing aside the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Host Mitch Gatzke details all the important stuff from the Division Series and gets us as prepared as we can be for what’s sure to be a clash for the ages. Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 24 | American League Championship Series

The Astros and Yankees have made it to the ALCS.  They did so in different ways; Houston disposing of Boston quite easily, New York taking out Cleveland in an epic five-game set.  Nevertheless, they’re both one step from the World Series.  Host Mitch Gatzke walks us through the highlights of both Division Series, with all the moments and facts you’ll want to remember.  Then, we dive into a preview of what’s to come.  To finish up, a good friend and our Resident Red Sox Fan, Chaise Spangler, drops by to help sort out what just happened and what’s next for his team. Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 23 | National League Division Series

The Diamondbacks won an absolutely insane Wild Card Game against the Rockies.  Arizona now heads to Los Angeles for a showdown with the Dodgers.  How did the D-backs make it past Wednesday night?  And what now?  Stay tuned for answers to both of those questions.  But first, host Mitch Gatzke works through a showdown series between the Nationals and the defending champion Cubs.  Later in the show, our Cubs correspondent, Reid Maus, stops by to talk about the series against the Washington. Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 22 | American League Division Series

The New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins in a wild Wild Card Game on Tuesday night.  They get to play the Cleveland Indians as a reward.  Host Mitch Gatzke is joined by his good friend and our Indians Insider, Evan Skilliter, to discuss that series from a Tribe fan’s perspective.  Before that, hear full previews of both ALDS matchups, including what to watch for and home run picks for each and every game!
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Ducks on the Pod 21 | Wild Card Round Preview

At long last, October has arrived and with it, postseason baseball.  First up is the Wild Card round.  The Minnesota Twins became the first team ever to go from 100 losses to a playoff appearance in just one year.  They travel to New York to face the new-look Yankees on Tuesday night.  In the National League, the West division sends its second and third place finishers to the Wild Card game to determine who’ll get another shot at the first place Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks meet for the twentieth time this season, in a battle between two more surprise playoff teams.  Host Mitch Gatzke has compiled quite the sneak peek with history lessons, marquee matchups, home run picks, and everything else you need to know for both games.  He even makes predictions so you can poke fun at him later for being wrong.  Take a listen and get ready for postseason baseball. Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 20 | The Modern Day Ted Williams

It’s official.  There have been more home runs hit in the 2017 Major League Baseball season than in any other season ever before.  Why?  How?  Host Mitch Gatzke has given up trying to find an explanation.  It’s time to simply enjoy what we’re witnessing.  CC Sabathia has moved to 18th on the all-time strikeouts leaderboard.  Is his career worthy of enshrinement in the Hall of Fame though?  Mitch hopes it will be by the time CC decides to hang ’em up.  The Red Sox and Yankees are running neck and neck in the AL East.  Who has the easier road down the stretch and will that even matter?  Mitch will be in Cincinnati watching the Sox this weekend, too.  Speaking of Cincinnati, Joey Votto is the modern day Ted Williams and deserves the 2017 NL MVP Award, despite being stuck on a last place team.  Hear Mitch explain why one of baseball’s deeply embedded unwritten rules must be broken this year.

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Ducks on the Pod 19 | We’re Going Streaking!

Wow.  The Cleveland Indians can’t stop winning.  The Los Angeles Dodgers finally stopped losing on Tuesday night.  The Chicago Cubs are scuffling again, with the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers still lying in wait.  There are four crucial series on tap this weekend.  The AL MVP race is a rounding into a tossup between two stud second baseman.  Host Mitch Gatzke is stumped by a rules question and needs your help.  All this on a jam-packed 19th edition of Ducks on the Pod! Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 18 | September is Here

The sixth and final month of the MLB regular season is upon us. Join host Mitch Gatzke as he catches up from a busy past couple weeks and prepares for an even busier month ahead. Between the historic home runs, the dominant teams, and the player nicknames, there’s a lot going on around baseball right now. With the calendar turning once more though, it’s time to focus on where everyone stands and who’s playing for what.

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Ducks on the Pod 17 | Nothing But Good Things To Say

Mitch had a good day at work. It’s his birthday Wednesday. He’s in a good mood and there’s no negativity in this episode! He starts by giving Giancarlo Stanton props for what’s been an unbelievable stretch. Mitch used to hate on Stanton. What’s changed over the past month to make him reconsider? The Los Angeles Dodgers are coming to town for Mitch’s birthday weekend. How nice of them! Find out why he’s so excited to see the visitors. Last weekend, the Twins took two from Mitch’s Tigers. At this point, it doesn’t seem to bother him much. Hear which Twins he was impressed with. Finally, to wrap things up, Mitch shares a list of “ironic” jerseys and goes through his favorites. Send in your suggestions so the Ducks can make their own list!

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Around Baseball with Ducks on the Pod – July 26, 2017

“The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.” – James Earl Jones as Terence Mann in Field of Dreams

Baseball is constant.  It’s on every single night, save for a few days during the All-Star Break.  With so many games on simultaneously, it’s impossible to catch everything.  We acknowledge that and have reluctantly come to peace with it.

So, these posts will not be an attempt at highlighting everything that happened the night before.  Nor will they be a list of the biggest, or most important events you may have missed.  It is simply what we saw while flipping from game to game.

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