HoriZone Roundtable 42 | Bob Apologizes for Cursing Green Bay

Amid another dismal week for the Horizon League in non-conference play, Bob apologizes for unwittingly jinxing Green Bay last episode, taking full blame for the Phoenix losing by nearly 30 to Bowling Green. Bob and Jimmy also look into what’s happening at Wright State, where the Raiders are under .500 and lost the last six straight games against D1 teams.

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HoriZone Roundtable 41 | Wanted: Athletic Director at Cleveland State

With the sudden departure of Mike Thomas as athletic director at Cleveland State, Bob (minus Jimmy) discusses the move with Matthew Johns of the Reserve News (@TheReserveMedia) and what CSU is looking for in a successor. Also, Bob and Matthew discuss Green Bay’s win over Belmont and the potential for the Phoenix to compete for the conference crown. Plus, how does IUPUI’s Camron Justice stack up against the top Horizon League players? Finally, Mike Davis may be putting together a better season at Detroit Mercy than most has expected.

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Browns Football – Where’s That Other Shoe?

Admit it… You were scared. In the fourth quarter of the Browns game vs the Bengals, you got scared. You were waiting for the other shoe to drop… But guess what? There’s no other shoe and the Browns were victorious in a fun-filled 35-20 stomping of their interstate rivals.

If you have followed the Cleveland Browns for any length of time then you know – and have lamented the fact – that the Browns find new and unusual way to lose games week after week.  But here’s a news flash for you – this ain’t the “Same Old Browns.”

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Virginia Football – Welcome to Hell…or Not

The Night of:

The Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino. The Cubs had the curse of the goat. I am not sure what Virginia’s football curse is, but it’s there. Maybe it is the revenge of the “Huggable Hoo” – Virginia’s mascot abomination from 1983 that lasted less than half-a-season. It was justifiably pummeled with ridicule and bourbon & cokes during home games and pulled from the marketing plan fearing for the safety of the Hoo inside the costume. As curses go, it’s as good as any. 

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Virginia Loses a Heartbreaker to Georgia Tech

Virginia might have ended up with the same old result, but these are not the “same old ‘Hoos”. 

You know…the ‘Hoos of the pre and post-George Welsh era. The Hoos that hit the opposing QB late turning victories into agonizing defeats. The ‘Hoos that blow all their timeouts because they can’t get the right players on the field. The ‘Hoos that break the huddle after a personnel timeout with 12 players on the field. The ‘Hoos defense that spawned the sentiment..3rd and long, they’ve got us right where they want us…before giving up a plethora of improbable first downs. 

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HoriZone Roundtable 40 | More Division I Wins!

As the non-conference schedule continues, more Horizon League teams are notching wins against Division I opponents. Among the other victories Bob and Jimmy discuss are IUPUI’s win against ACC opponent Boston College and Wright State’s convincing win against Toledo. They also talk about if the roster blueprint that Oakland has used over the years will net the same results as Wright State and Northern Kentucky.

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The SEC: Yesterday and Today 25 | It’s Cupcake Weekend!

Cupcakes! That what we have in store for you Southeastern Conference fans on this twelfth weekend of the 2018 college football season. Next weekend is rivalry weekend, and most of us are chomping at the bit for the lavish feast that will be spread out before us following Thanksgiving. But Saturday! It’s cupcakes. Bird (@Autull) speaks to the subject of the sweet treat and also opines on the cupcake blowouts that will permeate the SEC this weekend. There are seven of those contests on tap and there are, actually, four games pitting SEC vs. SEC. Enjoy your cupcakes and take time mow to Stop, Click, and Listen!

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HoriZone Roundtable 39 | Student Media Forum

This episode, Bob (@BobMcDonald) and Jimmy (@PantherU) speak with student media representatives from across the Horizon League. Among the topics are a recap of the first week of the regular season, as well as a way-too-early assessment of the conference as a whole. Plus, they discuss the new conference tournament format, as well as the impact the new NET rankings will have in terms of future scheduling.

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The SEC: Yesterday and Today 24 | The Long Wait for Alabama-Georgia Begins

Bird (@Autull) finds himself flying solo, again, this week with an entertaining podcast. First, Bird looks back at the de facto playoff games, from last week, involving SEC teams. Georgia, of course, defeated Kentucky and Alabama pummeled LSU in the Southeastern Conference play. This week? It’s not a matter of whether or not the Alabama Crimson Tide will beat the Mississippi State Bulldogs. It’s a matter of by how many points. Will it cover the 24 point spread? Find out here! Also, Saturday finds Auburn at Georgia, LSU at Arkansas, Kentucky at Tennessee, and more. In fact, all 14 SEC teams are scheduled to play Saturday. Get the skinny on all of those matters right here on The SEC: Yesterday and Today. So, Stop, Click, and Listen!!!

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