The Preseason Slate of Games Made Only for True College Football Fans

College football season doesn’t truly begin until that first full Saturday of games.  This year, that’s September 1.  Some of us refuse to wait that long, though.  The good news for us is that we don’t have to wait.  It doesn’t matter that it’s Wyoming battling New Mexico State.  College football is college football (at least when it’s still August and we’re starved for it.)

So, I’m here with some reasons to dig into the seemingly unappealing and unimportant, appetite-whetting menu of taste-tester games taking place a week ahead of that most glorious of Saturdays.  While there’s not much to get overly excited about on August 25, when you’re this hungry, you’ll make do with just about anything.  At some point, you’re sure to be asking yourself, “What the hell am I watching right now?”  Well, here’s what: Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 31 | In Defense of the Derby

We’ve still got some catching up to do.  The Ducks on the Pod Fantasy League standings are tight at the top.  Host Mitch Gatzke’s other fantasy team is in rebuild mode. Mitch is done with softball for the summer.  The Home Run Derby is still cool.  The All-Star Game (and the Derby, to a lesser degree) remains the national showcase event for Major League Baseball.  More trivia on a shortened edition of DotP. Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 30 | Let’s Catch Up

We’re back.  We’ve got some catching up to do.  In this episode, we talk about some things that should’ve been discussed over the past two-plus months.  Host Mitch Gatzke details his trip to Milwaukee and Miller Park.  He spent the night before that in the Wrigley Field bleachers, checking out the upgrades, meeting first-time visitors, and learning new games from the locals.  We have to have a serious talk about when it’s acceptable to leave a game early.  Many say it never is.  Mitch swears he can justify his decision.  Shohei Ohtani more than lives up to the hype.  Hear all about his outing in Detroit and make plans to go see him live yourself.  Finally, the answer to last episode’s trivia question and a brand new question with a chance for you to win a Ducks on the Pod Season 2 t-shirt. Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 29 | No Such Thing as a No-No Jinx

Host Mitch Gatzke starts episode 29 by showing love to some listeners who help make it all worth while.  A sincere thank you goes out to all of you who listen and help spread the word.  Mitch wraps up the retractable roof stadium pros and cons list he began in episode 28.  He’s officially started down the path to being an old-timer by joining a softball team.  He has some notes on the major differences between hardball and slow-pitch.  Then, we get into the meat of this episode: No-Hitters.  Mitch has some theories as to why we’ve seen so many serious bids already this season.  He also discusses some of the fun that surrounds these feats.  When do you notice that a no-hitter is developing?  Do you root for your team to break up a no-no?  And most importantly, do you believe in the jinx?  Safe to say, our host does not.  To wrap things up, we have a trivia question that can earn you a Ducks on the Pod Season 2 t-shirt, absolutely free of charge! Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod “Preseason” All-Sophomore Team

As you make your way through this list, you’re going to find some guys who are technically entering their third season as big leaguers (Benintendi, Judge, et al.).  Hell, Manny Piña has appeared in four different seasons, dating back to 2011.

I used only one requirement when compiling this list.  Each of these players has one thing in common.  They all exceeded Major League rookie limits (130 at-bats, 50 innings pitched OR 45 days on the active 25-man roster) during the 2017 season.

Here are the best players who fall into that category: Continue reading