Ducks on the Pod 18 | September is Here

The sixth and final month of the MLB regular season is upon us. Join host Mitch Gatzke as he catches up from a busy past couple weeks and prepares for an even busier month ahead. Between the historic home runs, the dominant teams, and the player nicknames, there’s a lot going on around baseball right now. With the calendar turning once more though, it’s time to focus on where everyone stands and who’s playing for what.

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Campus Pressbox 64 | Damien and Seth’s Sports Bucket List and Greatest Stadiums

In this abbreviated version of Campus Pressbox, Damien Bowman (@damienbowman) and Seth Merenbloom (@sethmerenbloom) talk about Damien’s weekend at Michigan International Speedway, the five arena’s every college basketball fan needs to visit and Seth’s top five college football stadiums. Seth talks about the things he dislikes in sports and it begins with March Madness.

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Disney and ESPN are Making Television Worse by taking Content Inhouse

I’m not prepared to go all doom and gloom like some people and say it’s all over for Netflix, but unless they take corrective action now, they’re likely to lose a great deal of significance in the coming years. Disney announced yesterday on its earnings call that company is accelerating its purchase plan of BAMTech, and launching a paid streaming service for the Mouse and for ESPN. ESPN’s service will launch in 2018 and Disney’s streaming will launch in 2019. Disney will then remove its content from Netflix, and I have to assume ESPN will want to reduce access or completely remove WatchESPN access to cable subscribers.

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Kyrie Irving Pushes Away LeBron James, and His Public Image

On Friday, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that Kyrie Irving is looking to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James for another team and a bigger role. The storyline here has been evolving, and fast. Here are our quick thoughts:

Josh Flagner (@railbirdj):

I think Kyrie is a superstar who never figured out how to be a superstar, and the Cavs are a championship organization that never learned to be a championship organization. Kyrie was sold on a long-term Cavs contract before LeBron came back, and he never felt the focus that he was promised. There’s no blame to assign there, it’s not like the Cavs could tell LeBron no, and LeBron didn’t call Kyrie and tell him before Kyrie decided. It happens. Kyrie is the same age as LeBron was when he made his infamous decision, which really doesn’t mean this is the perfect time for a defection, but young dudes look at life a little bit differently than some of us old dudes do.

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The SEC 411 – 74 | Ed Orgeron is Building a Wall – Will He Make Texas Pay For It?

Chase Holik (@chaseholik88) joined the show and his timing was perfect. Chase is a Texas Longhorn fan and we’re all well aware of the turf war that Ed Orgeron and LSU is waging against Tom Herman and Texas. It seems that Orgeron wants to keep all of those local, 3-star, satellite camp players for himself. Orgeron is building a wall around Louisiana. I’m not sure if Texas has to pay for it though.

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