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Damien Bowman, Josh Flagner • 5 min read

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Where I've Been
Five years and one-year birthday parties for my girls, Cedar Point all summer, hiring and training at work, and staying committed to the National Kidney Foundation.

Oh, and my 20th high school reunion. I graduated from Olmsted Falls High School in 1999. I don't remember much about high school other than trying desperately to fit in and have a girlfriend any time I was single. The power of hindsight makes it pretty obvious I spent more time figuring out how to be what I thought was cool than I did figuring out how to be myself. But we all did that.

What I didn't know until last weekend was how lucky I am to have gone through that with the OFHS class of 1999. I'll share here what I shared on our Facebook group page, both because it'll be easier than writing something brand new for the newsletter AND because reflecting is important. We all need to take some time every day or every week or every month to spend time with ourselves.

Life so rarely provides a perfect circle that I decided to share mine with everyone here, especially since I wouldn't have experienced it without you.

I'm currently transitioning out of a chair role on a local board. In that process, I've been having detailed conversations with other board members about my performance in the role. My primary goal was to find out what I've been doing wrong so I could make a point to steer the incoming chair away from the mistakes I've made.

I had one of those conversations this morning and I was immediately struck by something I'd never noticed before, something I wouldn't have noticed unless it happened right after our reunion.

I realized that I learned most of the things that I do well in the hallways at Olmsted Falls. I didn't really know it until this reunion, now that time has worn away the sharp edges of teen angst and awkwardness, but the way we all got along in school, no matter your group or club or sport, shaped how I treat people and build teams.

As we drove home, my wife told me that it's crazy how, after 20 years, everyone we talked to could've been part of our current group of close friends. I don't know if that's crazy, but it's how I grew up.

So thanks. I can't wait to do it again.

If you have anything to say about your time in high school or your reunion experiences, I'd love to share them here. Just hit reply or the Email us button down at the bottom of all this amazing content.

Where I've Been With a Now-Repaired Hand

Last we spoke, I had just broken my hand...well now it's fixed. I've been in rehab faithfully since the beginning of August, and believe it or not, there's light at the end of the tunnel. The people at University Hospitals are top notch. I know Clevelander's only give Cleveland Clinic praise because they're top-rated in cardiac care, but the truth is all three of Cleveland's major medical systems (Metro Health is the third) are fantastic with even better people.

Unlike Josh, my 20th class reunion is next year. I went to the great and very fabulous (as a certain POTUS would say) Trinity High School in Garfield Heights. I joke with people that those who can't get into Trinity go to St. Edward or St. Ignatius, when in reality it's the other way around. Once again, as Josh eluded to, high school is what you make it and I've tried really hard to make connections with classmates from years ago in the last few years. It's amazing how so many of us have changed and how we haven't changed at all.

My favorite thing

It's still the Browns. At 2-3, with two of the losses categorized as brutal assings, the Cleveland Browns Football Boys* will suck me in every week. (Getty Images)The Browns have a ton of talent but haven't found an offensive scheme that fits them, and haven't been mentally strong in their two big losses. It's not fun, but the first part of the season should push the more reasonable among us to evaluate mistakes we made setting expectations on this team.

All the pro-bowlers and trash-talkers and athletic freaks in the world don't just automatically translate into a powerhouse team. Cleveland doesn't need to start making drastic, sweeping changes after a 2-3 start, but the team does need to show resolve and make adjustments as it moves forward this season.

*Cleveland Browns Football Boys is what my 5-year-old daughter calls the Browns, so now that's what I call the Browns. Natch.

I'm Not as Reasonable as Josh

I'm not a Browns fan, so I can say this without feeling any future pain:

  • Freddie Kitchens isn't the answer
  • Baker Mayfield isn't the answer
  • Nick Bosa's planting was excellent
  • Owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam are at the top of the ultimate Ponzi scheme
  • The Browns should make a request to move all games back to Sunday's at 1 p.m.

What I'm listening to right now...

The Deftones sound like what angsty 90's vampires would listen to, and frankly, that's why I like it. Do you remember Queen of the Damned? It wasn't technically the 90's, but listened to that soundtrack a bunch, too.

I didn't have the stomach to listen to anything sports, sports radio, sports podcasts, or even generic talk related after watching the first half of that Browns game last night, so Deftones Radio on Amazon music won the morning's playlist wars.

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