Millennial Hot Takes on the 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

With the news of the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame electing four new members last week, many fans of the Braves and Indians find themselves thrilled with the elections of Chipper Jones and Jim Thome. How could you not be? These are two players who excelled on and off the field, had long, successful careers, and are adored by fans throughout the league. They are no doubt Hall of Famers, and I don’t think anyone could make any kind of argument to the contrary. Unfortunately, the other two men to be inducted this summer hit a different note.

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Scott Boras Has a Point But It’s Not His To Make

Scott Boras is, in many ways, the archenemy of all Major League Baseball owners.  His job is to persuade them to spend their money by signing his clients.  He is very good at his job.  Let’s be clear; when Boras says MLB is being destroyed by the “rebuilding” approach, he says that with the goal of getting fans riled up so they put more pressure on the owners to go out and spend.

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Don’t Judge a Broadcaster by his Playing Career

I despised Alex Rodriguez toward the end of his playing career.  He was a Yankee.  He was busted for using performance-enhancing drugs.  I was young, still considered the New York Yankees the “Evil Empire,” and couldn’t understand why anyone would cheat the game of baseball by taking banned substances.  I don’t want to get into the whole PED discussion.  That’s not why I’m here.  I will say that I was one of the many people calling for then-commissioner Bud Selig to hand down the dreaded lifetime ban in 2013.  “A-Roid” was easy to hate.

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The SEC: Yesterday and Today 10 | Michael Gray, Georgia

The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry renews for the 121st time this Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, AL. This is only the fourth time the two teams have met with both teams being ranked in the Top 10. Auburn is number 10 and the Georgia Bulldogs are the number one ranked team in the College Football Playoff Poll.

Bird (Autull) opens the program with some interesting history on this series which began play at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park in 1892.

Michael (@mgrayuga) then joins Bird and they enjoy some good-natured banner before Michael gets into his analysis of the game and what Georgia has to do to take home the victory and remain undefeated. Bird counters with what he sees as Auburn’s course to upset the Dawgs.

The two wrap up the podcast with predictions on all of the SEC action this weekend.

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