HoriZone Roundtable 33 | The Wait for the Schedule Continues…

Bob and Jimmy are back at it, and with more of the non-conference schedules out, they openly wonder when the full Horizon League slate will be released. Also, Bob isn’t happy with the conference’s move towards ESPN+. And what was with the flap between Valhalla Vanguard (@NKUValhalla) and Northern Kentucky’s Barstool Twitter account? Finally, Bob and Jimmy get into an ages-long question: How can conference schools grow their fanbase?

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Ducks on the Pod 31 | In Defense of the Derby

We’ve still got some catching up to do.  The Ducks on the Pod Fantasy League standings are tight at the top.  Host Mitch Gatzke’s other fantasy team is in rebuild mode. Mitch is done with softball for the summer.  The Home Run Derby is still cool.  The All-Star Game (and the Derby, to a lesser degree) remains the national showcase event for Major League Baseball.  More trivia on a shortened edition of DotP. Continue reading

Ducks on the Pod 30 | Let’s Catch Up

We’re back.  We’ve got some catching up to do.  In this episode, we talk about some things that should’ve been discussed over the past two-plus months.  Host Mitch Gatzke details his trip to Milwaukee and Miller Park.  He spent the night before that in the Wrigley Field bleachers, checking out the upgrades, meeting first-time visitors, and learning new games from the locals.  We have to have a serious talk about when it’s acceptable to leave a game early.  Many say it never is.  Mitch swears he can justify his decision.  Shohei Ohtani more than lives up to the hype.  Hear all about his outing in Detroit and make plans to go see him live yourself.  Finally, the answer to last episode’s trivia question and a brand new question with a chance for you to win a Ducks on the Pod Season 2 t-shirt. Continue reading

HoriZone Roundtable 32 | Jerseys for Hope

Bryan Black (@353jerseysforhope) joins Bob and Jimmy to talk about his journey to collect jerseys from every Division I school to promote positivity and raise awareness about epilepsy. Naturally, they make a request to get Bryan the jerseys from the Horizon League schools he’s missing, Wright State and IUPUI. They also get into discussing, among other things, the worst Halloween treats to give out, life in Oregon (where Bryan lives) and…Peoria, Illinois?

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HoriZone Roundtable 31 | Talking With Rashad Phillips

With the NBA Draft done and the Summer League in full swing, who better to talk about former Horizon League players on Summer League rosters than Detroit Mercy legend and founder of sportstalk2319.com, Rashad Phillips (@RP3natural), Bob and Jimmy also talked to Phillips about the current state of the conference and which current players will stand out.

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HoriZone Roundtable 29 | The Rest of the Story

In this episode, Bob and Jimmy recap Bob’s interview with Cleveland State head coach Dennis Felton. Also, with the spring signing period over, they discuss how the league currently shakes out. And has it’s been since Bacari Alexander was fired, Detroit Mercy is still looking for a head coach. And the latest name is former Indiana and UAB coach and current Texas Southern coach Mike Davis.

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Horizone Roundtable 28 | A Conversation With Dennis Felton (Really!)

In this episode, Bob has a conversation with Cleveland State men’s basketball coach Dennis Felton (@CoachDFelton). They discuss a number of topics related to CSU, including the incoming recruiting class, as well as the nucleus of Kash Thomas, Tyree Appleby, Stefan Kenic and DePaul transfer Algevon Eichelberger. There is also a conversation about the surprising Viking run at Motor City Madness and how it will impact next season. Plus, no talk with Coach Felton can be complete without touching on George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.

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Ducks on the Pod 29 | No Such Thing as a No-No Jinx

Host Mitch Gatzke starts episode 29 by showing love to some listeners who help make it all worth while.  A sincere thank you goes out to all of you who listen and help spread the word.  Mitch wraps up the retractable roof stadium pros and cons list he began in episode 28.  He’s officially started down the path to being an old-timer by joining a softball team.  He has some notes on the major differences between hardball and slow-pitch.  Then, we get into the meat of this episode: No-Hitters.  Mitch has some theories as to why we’ve seen so many serious bids already this season.  He also discusses some of the fun that surrounds these feats.  When do you notice that a no-hitter is developing?  Do you root for your team to break up a no-no?  And most importantly, do you believe in the jinx?  Safe to say, our host does not.  To wrap things up, we have a trivia question that can earn you a Ducks on the Pod Season 2 t-shirt, absolutely free of charge! Continue reading

HoriZone Roundtable 27 | The Search is Mercifully Over (Maybe)

Bob (@BobMcDonald) is hosting the podcast by himself this week, but that’s not to say that there isn’t plenty to talk about. Detroit Mercy may finally be hiring a head coach, and Bob breaks down the potential candidates. Also, with departing seniors and now Isaiah Brock transferring, where does that leave Oakland? Finally, with the spring signing period closing out, what does Dennis Felton, who has four scholarships left at Cleveland State, have up his sleeve?

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